Gnowise is a real estate predictive analytics technology that enables investors, banks and insurance companies to simulate the market and maximize their portfolios while balancing risk and profit.


Using core algorithms, Gnowise turns enormous amounts of data into immediate investment predictions.

Enter your investment criteria like budget, property type and risk level – then Gnowise provides an immediate and comprehensive report helping you make a more informed investment decision. Gnowise accounts for:

  • Constantly changing market fluctuations
  • Local shifts in neighbourhood trends
  • Economic impacts
  • Return on investment

Gnowise supports and enhances the real estate investment and home-purchasing process by providing stakeholders with unprecedented access to information uncovered by its powerful predictive technology. Gnowise provides you with unmatched accountability, transparency and genuine value.


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Feb 2016

Core Algorithm Invention

Sep 2016

Gnowise is Born

Mar 2017

Gnowise 1.0 Launches

Covering Toronto’s condos market

Dec 2017

Gnowise 1.5 Launches

Covering Toronto’s condos market & detached houses

Jun 2018

Customized Report Generator

For real estate brokers 

Jul 2018

IDX Enabled

For real estate agents & brokers 

April 2019
Introduction of Gnoppraisal

Jun 2019

Gnowise Rocket Calculation Launches

On-demand calculation in less than 2 secs

May 2020

Gnowise IVM Launches

Intelligent Valuation Models live valuation in 0.01 Sec

Aug 2020

GNOHome 1.0 Launches

AI-Driven Listed Home Valuation for Consumers 

Sep 2020

GNObot 1.0 Launches

A robot that detects the best valued properties out of thousands on a daily basis.

Sep 2021

Accuracy Rate: Avg. 94%

Within Ontario, Canada

October 2021

Address Valuation API

Address to valuation API

November 2021

Introduction of non-traditional data insights

Data included of school rating, air quality, traffic data, cellphone data and etc.

December 2021

Gnobot 2.0 Launch

Added neighborhood selection feature and growth rate heatmap. Gnobot is now available under Gnowise Broker Insights platform

January 2022

Groundbreaking Accuracy Rate of Avg. 95%

Across Ontario, Canada

January 2022

Intelligent Appraisal 2.0 Launch

Simplified version with added new property features selection

February 2022

AVM-enabled Custom Real Estate Brokerage Website Launch

Available custom branded for real estate brokerages only. Associated real estate board’s authorization required 

February 2022

Gnohome 2.0 Launch

New design, faster user experience, advanced property search engine, added property/neighborhood forecast chart and much more

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