To use the Gnowise API, users must first obtain an API key provided by the firm, which can be requested along with pricing terms here. Note, your API call should pass information associated with a property. Gnowise then returns results associated with that property in the API response in less than one second. All Gnowise API calls are HTTPS POST requests. The response is JSON data contained in the body. An Intelligent Valuation Models (IVM) API sample can be found below:


POST /api/session-query HTTP/1.0

Host: Content-Type: application/json

x-api-key: [client key]

Content-Length: 116

Body: {“address”: “99 Cordella Ave”, “unit”: na, “zip”: “M6N2J8”, “bedrooms”: “3”, “washrooms”: “3”, “den”: 0, “age”: “15”,  “rooms_area”: “2200”, “lot_area”: “3100”, “community_code”: “01.W03.0360”, “parking_spcs”: “1”, “pool”: na, “type1”: “Semi-Detached”, “style”: “2-Storey”, “basement1”: “Finished”, “basement2”: “Sep Entrance”, “kitchen”: 1, “condition”: “3” “chartID”: “e239d259-3837-4c6d-898e-1a59994888c3”,}


{ “gnowise_value:”: “8733400”, “value_low”: “8177600”, “value_high”: “8733400, “attributes”: [“location”, “bedrooms”, “den”, washrooms”, “age”, “rooms_area”, “type1”, “basement1”],

“price_forecast”:[{“d”:”2020-04-30T00:00:00.000Z”, “v”:8733400.0 }, … ],

“best_time_to_buy”: “2020-06-30 00:00:00”, “best_time_to_sell”: “2020-04-30 00:00:00”, “risk_of_decline”: 55.0,

“chartID”: “e239d259-3837-4c6d-898e-1a59994888c3”}



The table below lists required API Input parameters (for IVM):

Parameter Name Type Descriptions
org_id CHAR 32 A unique client ID generated by Gnowise for your organization
bedrooms INT 16 Number of bedrooms
washrooms INT 16 Number of washrooms
den INT 16 Den
age INT 16 Age of property
rooms_area FLOAT 16 Sqft of the property
community_code CHAR 32 Code of the neighbourhood
parking_spcs INT 16 Number of parking spaces
type1 CHAR 32 Type of property
style CHAR 32 Style of property
Basement1 CHAR 32 Type of basement 1
Basement2 CHAR 32 Type of basement 2
kitchen CHAR 32 Number of kitchens
chartID CHAR 32 Chart ID



The table below lists recommended API input parameters, which will enable Gnowise to analyse inputs in an optimal manner and will facilitate search functionality in the Gnowise control portal. Please note that it is a requirement to pass at least one account identifier as part of the API call.


Parameter Name Type Descriptions
address CHAR 128 Property address
postal_code CHAR 16 Property postal code
unit CHAR 16 Number of bathrooms
pool CHAR 32 Type of pool if exist
condition INT 16 Condition of property



The Gnowise API result can return up to 10 different attributes.


Parameter Name Type Descriptions
gnowise_value INT 16 Predicted price
value_low INT 16 Minimum predicted price value
value_high INT 16 Maximum predicted price range
attributes ARRAY Attributes effective on price
price_forecast ARRAY Price forecast
best_time_to_buy DATE Best date to buy this property
best_time_to_sell DATE Best date to sell this property
risk_of_decline FLOAT 16 Risk of price decline
chartID CHAR 32 Chart ID