Give Your Clients Customized Real Estate ROI Predictions

Challenge: Offering little customization

Clients want special treatment, and part of that is tailoring your approach for each individual. After all, they receive that personalization when buying a car, and shopping online.

Gnowise Solution: Create personalized experiences for your customer

By detecting data similarities amongst the customer base, companies can now create a hyper-personalized approach to their external communications. With Gnowise predictive analytics, you can now tell clients exactly what neighbourhoods will have the best-expected ROI.

“Uncovering data patterns sets the stage for conducting predictive analytics. Like Facebook and Google do, financial institutions can tap the imagination of millions of people, creating contextualized and personalized experiences,” explained Prasad Chintamaneni, President of IT services and consulting firm, Cognizant. “When a large global bank built a model to predict customer interest in savings-related offerings and cross-selling, the model pilot produced a tenfold increase in branch sales and 200 percent growth in conversion rates over a two-month period.”

What if you could do the same for your local real estate market?

The focus at Gnowise has been exactly that — uncovering patterns amongst Toronto property sales to give real estate professionals and commercial bankers an extremely accurate forecast of the market over the coming years. By narrowing in on subsets of the data, Gnowise users can use the findings to tell clients what their property values will be worth in the next one to three years and what size of property will yield the best returns.