AI-Driven Property Valuation & Forecasting

Make Smarter Decisions with Gnowise Intelligent Valuation Models (IVM)







Gnowise (‘Know-wise’) learns every angle of the real estate market for you, and then instructs you how to maximize your profit.

The competitive real estate industry is plagued by unscientific facts and ineffective use of technology. Gnowise is more accurate, efficient and trustworthy – by using incredible data sets, machine learning and predictive analytics – making it the smartest technology to beat the real estate game.


Gnowise analyzes millions of diverse data sets – more than humanly possible – discovers crucial patterns and uncovers key predictions to help you make confident real estate decisions.

By simply entering basic criteria like property size, budget and your desired risk level, Gnowise immediately provides a detailed and personalized report that answers your real estate questions.

  • Should I invest right now or wait for the market to shift?
  • How much will my investment be worth in 24 months?
  • Is this the best neighbourhood?
  • When is a good time to buy? When is a good time to sell? When is a good time to build?
  • What is the current value of my portfolio?

Skip the uncertainty of real estate investment. Gnowise algorithms work hard in the background to keep up with trends, market fluctuations and economic triggers that can dramatically impact your bottom line.