Why Brokers Need Gnowise to Maximize Real Estate Value & Profits

Real estate brokers need this new predictive tech tool to deliver the highest returns and combat market competition.

It’s not a surprise — the real estate market is wildly competitive and extremely saturated. Brokers now need to uncover more creative ways to outsell the competition, retain existing clients and gain referrals that will drive their market share ahead of competing firms. Gnowise can be part of your solution…

Finding new technology such as predictive analytics and AI to improve your firm’s market intelligence will keep you the step ahead that you need. Gnowise is a user-friendly predictive analysis software that any broker can use to uncover extremely accurate forecasts about future property prices. The tool analyzes millions of data sets (more than humanly possible) to learn every angle of the market, then discovers crucial patterns and shows you key predictions to make confident real estate decisions.

This is your real estate crystal ball — and it can help maximize your ROI, value and your brokerage profits.

Here is how Gnowise can take any broker to the next level:

Save time & get faster valuations

By using scientific on-demand valuations, you will be spending much less time on your own analysis and manual forecasts. Gnowise can give you a report in literally the click of your mouse or tap of the smartphone, allowing you to step away from the desk and focus more time on clients’ needs.

In comparison, with some lesser competitive software products, it can take days to get the results — when you should be counting seconds.

24 months ahead

Imagine knowing the price of properties two years in advance? Gnowise provides exactly that, with reliability.
By dividing a city into neighbourhoods and then analyzing 100 property models within each neighbourhood every quarter, Gnowise adds to its predictive learning abilities and generate highly accurate forecasts.

Add other factors to its deep learning algorithms such as economic conditions plus current and future trends affecting the real estate industry, and you will gain an unmatched ability simulate future market conditions up to 24 months in advance.

High degree of accuracy

Real estate clients are demanding — and for good reason. With soaring property prices, they need to know their investment is priced properly and they have a broker they can trust.

The Gnowise database consists of over 600 historical indicators, as well as over 200 local time-series data points which have been collected since 1996. No human can calculate all of this data, and that’s where Gnowise and its specially-designed algorithms steps in.

Data sources for historical indicators include the City of Toronto, Statistics Canada public records, Open Data and private data providers.

Lower costs

Current traditional manual valuation tools can be incredibly expensive — in fact, almost cost prohibitive for the average broker or firm.

Gnowise pricing is designed to give a brokerage a foot in the door at the lowest possible cost.

Trust a proven model

You may have heard of online real estate solutions such as HouseCanary in the United States. In the same way that such SaaS products are offering homeowners and appraisers a leg up with reliable results, your brokerage can get the same advantage.

Online software solutions in international real estate markets have grown exponentially in recent years, proving the accuracy of data sets and machine learning can add infinite value. Gnowise follows that same proven model.

User-friendly reporting to make your job easier

Across every industry, the best new technology including machine learning and AI is being used to improve all aspects of our life — except real estate transactions. Gnowise is changing that.

Using an enormous range of constantly updated data from multiple sources, Gnowise will analyze and personalize the results you need to display them in one easy-to-read report that you can even share with clients. Using the best modeling methods to constantly learn, improve and maintain high accuracy, real estate brokers can stop the endless calculations and trust the advanced software in their toolkit.

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Increase revenue

Undoubtedly, your brokerage firm needs to show a steady increase in metrics — maybe even a big leap forward. With more accurate forecasts, more reliable service and faster reporting, you will more be able to increase your client base. Even showing one Gnowise report to a client will demonstrate the difference your brokerage can offer, and encourage them to sign with you.

Combat Zillow

Agents and brokerages are facing even more market challenges such as Zillow, the largest real estate listing platform in the United States. By excluding agents from the buying and selling process, Zillow cuts out your business. In addition, the company’s “Zestimate” provides valuations — albeit currently unproven and not reliable in today’s market.

Now Zillow is entering into the Canadian market. Fortunately, there is a chance to successfully combat this new competitor.

Gnowise can add more accurate valuations and the provide your clients with forecasting property values before Zillow gets their chance. When Zillow launches, any consumer will be able to easily access the site to see every house’s current value — and people will start challenging agents to prove their own value scoring. Instead, using Gnowise will provide you with branded, customized scientific-backed reports that will prove why clients should work with your firm instead of a website.

Keep opendoor.com at bay

Another online competitor knocking on Canada’s real estate door is the aptly named Opendoor.com. Claiming to give homeowners the chance to “sell your house in minutes” this website promises to give you no reason to use traditional agents, brokerages or popular industry-leading realty websites.

Gnowise again will offer a step above this type of website, given its focus on big data sets that no other site has the ability to analyze for the same quality of results. Even if homeowners were interested in using an online sales solution, agents and brokers can offer a more customized and accurate experience — with enhanced results and profit.

Set up a time to chat about how your brokerage firm can benefit from the Gnowise solution. We’ll walk you through the software solution and show you exactly how to use the platform to gain a major competitive advantage.