CENGN-Gnowise Innovation Highlight

Large Uncertainty for Real-Estate Investors

Investing in real estate presents a certain level of risk. Investors need to know whether or not investing in a home will be worth their while later on. However, without the right data, this is difficult for investors to get a full and accurate understanding of the situation. Investors are often left asking questions such as “Should I invest right now or wait for the next market shift?” or “When would be a good time to sell my home?”

Canada’s Most Accurate Real-Estate Pricing Tool

Gnowise uses predictive real-estate analytics allowing investors to make more informed decisions on when to buy and sell their home(s). Taking data from various economical, historical, local and home indicators, Gnowise is able to evaluate the price of a home today, 1 year from now, and 2 years from now with over 93% accuracy. Gnowise’s web platform is also quick, providing a personalized and detailed pricing report on a property within 0.1 seconds. Using Gnowise, investors are put to ease.

Scaling and Improving Gnowise’s Platform

Gnowise used CENGN’s infrastructure and expertise to decrease the response time for user price forecasts from 2 seconds to 0.1 seconds and to scale their customer base to a short-term projected goal of 100,000 users in Canada. While at CENGN, Gnowise also increased their deep learning AI models by adding additional learning layers, finding that 1 GPU was their solution’s most cost-effective approach. The added learning layers reduced the error rate by 13%.

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