GNOWISE Home Price Index (HPI)

The Gnowise HPI leverages our extensive residential property database, continuously updated with millions of transactions from all over Canada. Using a proprietary approach, we deliver reliable house price trend information down to the neighborhood level for various property types. 

Powered by Open Data.

HPI Enterprise Solution 

The comprehensive HPI Enterprise solution offers mortgage lenders, insurers, mortgage investment funds, mortgage-backed securities and real estate-focused organizations: 
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Improved reporting
  • Informed decision-making
  • Precise analysis
  • Trend identification
The GNOWISE HPI at the municipality level is offered free of charge to governmental organizations, academic research, and non-profit organizations.

Value Forecast

Gnowise’s AI predictive analytics models delve into extensive data to unveil concealed patterns and insights. This equips professionals with the ability to make proactive decisions, foresee fluctuations in property values, and refine investment strategies using comprehensive datasets and historical trends, thus securing a competitive advantage in a dynamic market.

Scenario Analysis

Gnowise’s advanced AI predictive analytics models extensively analyze data to reveal hidden patterns and insights related to property conditions, renovation potential, and economic scenarios. This empowers professionals to proactively assess the condition of properties, identify renovation opportunities, and anticipate the impact of various economic conditions on real estate values.

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